Fleet Management ERP

Best Logistics Management Service
Logistics management can also be called supply chain function management. Logistics management covers the range from fleet management, inventory management, warehouse management, stock management, demand-order-supply chain management, inbound and outbound transportation management etc. This type of system is a must for a business these days. This system also keeps a track of the third party logistics. In larger spheres it also include product design, packaging and launching along with after sales support. This system is required at every step of business from planning, strategizing, executing and post execution levels. This system helps in integrating and collaborating all spheres of logistics activities with other business parts like marketing and sales and IT.

SwiftFleet offers one of the best Logistics Management ERP service in the market. Keeping track of all your business activities starting from the initial level of vendor selection to good buying, keeping track of material to final delivery of the goods to the client will become very simple and easy to handle with our system. We will help you maintain records of your bought material, their storage conditions, your inventory and warehouse availability, managing your fleets, keeping track of orders received and goods delivered, and all your transportation needs. Our system will help you manage all the sphere of your business with ease and efficiency. We understand that every aspect of your business needs equal and correct monitoring and our system is designed to do just that. Even the slightest miscalculation or over seeing a minutest detail can lead to a big loss in business. Our system will not miss even the smallest detail of your business and maintain records for your future consultation.
We will also help you integrate your logistics with your sales, marketing and IT divisions so that the business management would become even easier. Our system will help you in early fault detection and preventive maintenance of your fleets which will in turn lead to cost cutting. Consulting the details of the vendors and clients can also be helpful in planning and strategizing. The design of our system is easy to handle and is a web-based solution. Therefore, the records can be accessed from anywhere and at any suitable timing. The fleet management system has been designed using the latest tools and technologies so that your business doesn’t lag behind in any part. It is also scalable for your ever changing business needs and can be customized to suit your needs even better. The web-based system has been made into a responsive design so that you can access it on any device as per your requirements.

We give you a free trial of our system to make you assured of its proficiency and quality. By hiring SwiftFleet’s Logistics Management Service you can enhance your business profitability and build a reputed niche for yourself in the market.


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